This little intimate Take away and Dine-in place, with its rustic and beautiful plank tables and benches, has won critical acclaim for its juicy and crispy grilled chickens and BBQ Pork Spare ribs.

In addition, you find a wide range of homemade anti bacterial rinsed/cleaned salads and potato dishes.

Our executive chef and manager for many years, Ni Ketut, assures that our talented chefs use only fresh ingredients from the morning market.

If local products do not meet our high quality standards, then we use imported raw materials such as Dairy products, like cream and butter from France, Australia or New Zeeland and olive oil from Italy or Spain.

All meals are without MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate). We only use natural spices.

We recommend you to make reservation for seats, chicken or spare ribs. Please call 081 236 153 336