Take away

Drop in and see what is on the menu. Give us your order and have a seat and take a drink while we quickly prepare or cook your meal.

The food is served in boxes that can keep your food warm until you can enjoy the food in your home, hotel or where ever. Easy and fast.

If you want to be sure that chickens or ribs are available you are welcome to call us and order Pick up.
Phone 081 236 153 336.

Pick Up

Call or SMS your order we just need your name, phone number and time for pick up. Give us some time and we will make your meal ready for your pick up. Easy and fast.


We can arrange delivery to your door at a small fee if you live in the nearness of JnC.
Easy and fast.

Call or SMS your order. we just need your name and address and time of wanted Delivery. We confirm your SMS order within a short time.